How we got started


My name is Caron Harrison.

 I have always loved the beauty industry. Skin care and make-up have always been a big part of my life. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist, Aromatherapist and have studied Herbology.

In recent years I have started to take notice of what I eat and cook. There are so many toxins in the food we buy. So I have been fanatical about eating healthy.

But even with a healthy eating lifestyle I still felt constantly tired and lethargic. My skin felt and looked tired. One day whilst giving myself a cleansing facial with all my lovely expensive products I suddenly had a thought. Even though I was checking what I put IN my body I wasn’t checking what I was putting ON my body!

I started reading just what was in the products I had been using for years. Oh my god!! The number of chemicals I was applying was huge.

There was no way I could go without my beauty and make up products so I had to find safe toxic free alternatives. And that’s how my search for the best organic products to put ON my skin began.

I began researching Natural, Certified Organic products.  I then realised when I started blogging and talking to others that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to change to a more natural and organic beauty routine.

And that is how Organic Body and Skin online store began. I have done the research for you and can guarantee the products I sell are TOXIN FREE!!

Time and time again I have come to realise that Mother Nature has the answers. I feel so much better these days and my skin is glowing.

So welcome to my store. I hope you enjoy the beautiful products available. If after visiting our on line store you are unsure where to start on your change to an organic skin care regime please feel free to contact me by email for advice.