Earth Essence Peppermint Essential Oil 15ml



Earth Essence Peppermint Oil 15 ml

Ingredients: Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil

Common uses: Peppermint essential oil has been known to help relieve symptoms of head aches and migraines when used on a cold compress and applied to the temples.

Note: Top

Strengh of aroma: Strong

Aromatic scent: : Refreshing, sharp, piercing, menthol.

Caution: Mentha arvensis is considered more toxic that Peppermint as it has a higher Pulegone content. Avoid during pregnancy.


How to use your essential oil:

 - Burner: add a few drops to your electric or tea light candle vaporiser

- Massage or body oil: add a few drops to a carrier oil to use for massage, a customized body oil, or to treat ailments

- Bath: add 3-5 drops to a full bath before immersing yourself in the warm water

- Shower: sprinkle 1-2 drops on your shower floor and let the scent wash over you

- Inhalation: add 1-2 drops to a bowl of steaming hot water to clear sinuses and assist with cold and flu relief

- Skin: essential oils can be applied directly to skin but please do a patch test as a precaution (a drop applied on the inner elbow just below the crease, or behind the ear) and look for any adverse respond before applying directly to the face or body

Never apply essential oil on broken, raw or sensitive skin, and do not apply directly on skin during pregnancy.